Situated in Hokkaido's Asahikawa area, the Fukuyoshi Cafe is a new establishment. It was jointly set up in March this year by famous red bean stuffing shop "Seinajo" and tea garden "Yoshikawa-en". This coffee shop is set up within a building that was built in 1924 and its wooden structure has been completely renovated, giving a combination of old and modern feel to this place after the renovation. 

There are two main products within the shop that are widely popular. The first one is called "red bean matcha milk" which was created using the matcha supplied by the shop, Biei red beans as well as Hokkaido milk. The second product is called "Tokiwaki", which is created in the shape of its local landmark Asahi Bridge and created using ingredients such as cream, red bean and chocolate, which is best served with any drinks from this shop. 

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Fukuyoshi Cafe

Address: 2-1970-1 Hayato, Asahikawa-shi

Opening Hours: 10001900

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