The scenery at Biei is as beautiful as a picture, and everyone praises for its spectacular landscape. There are different scenes at each of the seasons but the best time to come is between June and October. The temperature is mild and you can see sceneries such as the widely opened beautiful flowers and green grasses in summer as well as the golden leaves and paddy in autumn.

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The best way to enjoy the scenery is to view from the top. There are many different observatories in Biei and of which, the Hokusei-no-oka Observatory Park is a highly recommended place. The observation deck is located on top of a pyramid and since it is built on the mountain, you can take a quick walk up the short stairs and you can reach it. You can enjoy unobstructed views from this place and you can see the view of the city center from there.

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In addition to the beautiful scenery, the tourist facilities are great. In addition to washrooms as well as vending machines, there are shops that sell ice-cream, drinks and snacks. The must mention coffee shop there is called “cafe BIEI ~good day~” which is a great place to enjoy a meal or have a quick break.

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Hokuseinooka Observatory Park
Address: Okubo Kyosei, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Open: 24 hours

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