The Hokkaido Kamiaki Cape is located at the Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido, and you can see excellent view of the sea from the cape. In addition, you can also see granites and stones of different shapes. If you can climb up the steep cliffs, then you will be able to enjoy the excellent views.

28Oct1 3 2018

There is another interesting element regarding this place. There is a sign at the entrance of the cape saying that "No Woman is Allowed". This is because long time ago, a woman who reads the Minamoto Yoshitsune had committed suicide in this area, and before doing so, she made a curse that every woman traveling on boat to this area would be drowned. Well, due to the steep cliffs and the heavy tides, this appears to be quite true, but obviously all women is allowed to visit this area nowadays. 

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Kamiaki Cape
Address: Shakotan-cho Kamisaki-machi, Hokkaido

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