The Lourve Museum is situated near River Seine and is one of the world’s largest museums. King Francois I of the 16th century has started collecting all the various art pieces and as such, all through the years there are over 300,000 items collected in the museum. 

The Lourve Museum used to be a palace and therefore a lot of the arts galleries inside have very tall ceilings. Most of the interior design are very grand so you can enjoy these luxurious interior the same time when you try to enjoy those art pieces that are on display.

The most spectacular element of the Lourve is the glass pyramid built on the Napoleon Plaza. The glass pyramid is built by the famous architect I M Pei and is now the main entrance of the Lourve.  

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You need to purchase ticket when you get the Lourve. You can line up for tickets there or you can purchase them on the official website. If you have purchased the Paris Museum Pass, then you can skip all the line and go directly to the security check point. In addition to the Lourve pyramid, you can enter via Carousel du Louvre.

The Lourve covers a large area and if you want to visit the entire museum, it will take 3 whole days. As such, the official website has provided some suggested itineraries so you can see at least the three main treasures there. There are Chinese language museum guide available and you can rent some audio guide, however, those are not available in Chinese yet.

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There are three main parts in the Lourve, and they are RICHELIEU, SULLY and DENON.

It is located at the northern wing of the Lourve and have far east, near east and Islamic artefacts on display. There are also 14 – 17the century French paintings as well as other art pieces on display. You can find the former residence of Napolean there as well as the famous Angelina tea room.

It is located at the east wing of the Lourve and display ancient Egyptian, near east, Greece and Roman Empire art pieces.

It is situated at the southern wing of the Lourve and have Greece, Etruscan and Roman Empire items on display, such as La Liberté guidant le people, as well as French and Spainish paintings. You can also find the famous Grand Galerie and (Apollo Gallery there.

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There are three main treasures inside the Lourve.

1. Vénus de Milo
Vénus de Milo was a sculpture from 2the century BC and it was discovered in 1820 at Milos Island.
The term Milos means beauty and goddess and the sculpture was made in accordance to the unique ratio so that it exhibits the beauty of the goddess’ human body.

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2. La Victoire de Samothrace
La Victoire de Samothrace was discovered in 1863 at the Samothrace Island. It was created in 2th century BC and is displayed in the middle of the hall. 
This is the most famous sculptures in the world and it is a goddess exhibiting victory at the front of the ship. It has been reputed by H.W. Janson as the best Greece sculpture in the world. It is one of the few remaining Greece sculptures in the world.

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3. La Joconde
La Joconde was created by the famous Leonardo da Vinci between 1503 and 1506.
The paining was attached on the frame and it was about a lady which is smiling. People believe that the subject of the painting is Francesco del Giocondo but it is still a mystery up to this date.

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Musée du Louvre
Address: Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Transportation: Subway Line 1 and 7, Alright at “Palais Royal Musée du Louvre”
Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00, Every Wednesday and Friday open till 21:45
Closed: Every Tuesday, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December
Entrance Fee: 15 Euros
Free entry: Every Friday after 18:00 or under 26 years old (with ID proof)
The first Sunday of the month from October to March

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