Bergen is an important commercial and trading city along the Norway coastline. It was also the capital of Norway until the 13th century. The most prosperous area was near the pier, with one side being the fish market and the other side is the Bryggen – a series of wooden houses which had been named World's Heritage by the United Nations. The meaning of "Bryggen" is "pier". During the 13th century, due to the influence of the Hanseatic League, there are many Germans who set up their branch companies in this area and also living in this area. In the 14th century, the wooden warehouses nearby had become places where businessmen stores the fishes they caught as well as the different farm products. 

The wooden houses are three stories high and the exterior was painted in red, yellow and milky white colors. However, before 1955, there were a few large fires in the area and as such, a lot of the original wooden structures were damaged. Over half of the wooden houses there were rebuilt according to the design and style of the 18th century. 

As of today, the wooden house no longer stores the fishes and farm products. It has become souvenirs shops and restaurants. If you walk towards the inner part of the houses, you will see the historical signs. There are many artists that gather in this place and there are also coffee shops, etc. It looks like it is the best place for taking photos and shopping. 

Norway Bryggen 2

Norway Bryggen 3

Norway Bryggen 4

The Bryggen 

Address: Bryggen, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Opening Hours: 09:00-16:00


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