The Fisketorget is situated near by the Bergen harborside. From the 16th century onwards, it has become an integrated fish market and it is now a destination frequented by many tourists. 

18Dec2 2 2018

Actually over half of the seafood and fish products pass through this market to all other places in Norway, so you can see that those seafood must be very fresh. 

18Dec2 3 2018

There are over 30 stalls in the open-air fish market, and you can find the freshest seafood in Norway, such as salmon and caviar, etc. Alongside the market, you will find an indoor market and restaurant. 

18Dec2 4 2018

In order to attract customers, some stores offer free food for people to try. You can decide whether to buy or not after testing the food. This place has food of excellent quality and coupled with the beautiful sea view, it is the best place for visual and taste indulgence. 

18Dec2 5 2018

18Dec2 6 2018

Address: Strandkaien 3, 5013 Bergen, Norway


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