Situated in the Tochigi Prefecture, the Moka Cotton Railway is the first regional rail in Japan and has been in service since then. During weekends and public holidays, this century old steam train will be operated and it is the only remaining steam train in Japan. 

2Feb1 2 2019

From the second half of March to early April, it is the cherry blossom period as well as the harvest season for the fields. When you take the train and passing through the fields during the period, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery and therefore, it has attracted a large number of tourists visiting the area at that time. 

2Feb1 3 2019

Address: 2474-1 Taicho, Takamachi,Tochigi Prefecture (Moka Cotton Railway)
Hours of Operations
Every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
From Shimodate to Mogi, departing from Shimodate Station at 10:35
From Mogi to Shimodate, departing from Mogi Station at 14:25

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