When visiting Athens, you obviously will visit the most representative place – the Acropolis. Apart from that, there are different sights which you should visit. Perhaps you should consider the Special ticket page which allows you to visit all the sights in an inexpensive way. 

The Special Ticket Page costs 30 Euros and the discounted fare is 15 Euros. It can be used for 5 consecutive ways. Apart from the Acropolis and South & North Slope of Acropolis, you can visit 6 other sites such as Ancient Agora of Athens and Museum of Ancient Agora of Athens, Kerameikos and Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos, Hadrian's Library, Olympieio, Archaeological Site of Lykeion and Roman Agora of Athens. 

The seven sights that are included in the package ticket mainly located in the Plaka area and are located close to the Monastiraki Metro Station. The furthest from the station is the Olympieio, Archaeological Site of Lykeion and Roman Agora of Athens. The ticket is divided into 7 parts, which means you can only visit each part once. 

From a money point of view, perhaps if you can visit the Acropolis together with the 2 to 3 other places, then your ticket is well worth it. The ticket can be purchased from any of the 7 sites and perhaps if you come during summer, you really should plan your trip using this package ticket. 

Of special note is that, during winter (1 November – 31 March), all the individual tickets to the 7 sites will be sold at a discount (however, there will be no discount to the Special package ticket). Therefore, you should perhaps purchase individual ticket instead of this package ticket when visiting Athens. 

You should also go to the official website to see the dates when admission is free to those 7 sites. You also need to show your ID card if you are 18 years or below so that you can enter the site for free. 

" Special ticket package" includes visits to seven attractions (blue mark).

Athens Ticket Package2

The fare for each of the sights in 2017 (For reference use).

Athens Ticket Package3

Special ticket package

Ticket: Full fare 30 Euros; Discounted fare 15 Euros

For details, please visit : https://goo.gl/kXQRtv

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