In Santorini, apart from the small blue and white houses at Oia, Fira is also a popular tourist spot. Fira is the capital of the island and the buildings there are white in color. The buildings are all located at the slope of 300 feet tall and this place is located closest to the cruise pier. 

Fira has a main shopping street and it has souvenirs store, brand name shops as well as restaurants. Those shops open till 10pm or 11pm during peak season. 

You can also find some high end hotels with swimming pool and due to the fact that it can easily be reached by different kinds of transportation, and the large variety of restaurants, this place has become a popular tourists spot. Also, the area also contains a bus terminus and you can easily reach the Oia, pier, Black Beach and Red Beach from there.  

Apart from the busy street, Fira is where the White Orthodox Cathedral located. Even though it is not a cathedral with blue roof, its all white architecture is worth taking photos. You can also take the tram or the donkey down to the harbour side. If you do not want to spend much, you can walk to the harbour side on foot for 20 minutes. 

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Fira at Santorini


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