The Sapporo Beer Museum is situated 10 minutes drive from the JR Sapporo Station. It used to be the Sapporo Beer Manufacturing Facility and its red bricks exterior and chimneys are well maintained.

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This place has been renovated in 2016 and has recreated the history of Sappaoro, beer and beer production process in front of you. It is free to enter the museum. However, if you would like to have a guided tour or having a taste of the retro version of the Sapporo Beer, then you will need to pay. 

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Situated on levels 2 and 3 is the Kessel Hall, which is a recommended place to go. Customers can enjoy delicious rack of lamb and draft Sapporo beer at this place. 

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Sapporo Beer Museum

Address: 9-1-1 Northern 7th East, Higashi-ku, Sapporo City 
Visiting Hours: 09:0018:0017:30 Last Entry
Restaurant Operating Hours: 11:30

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