Sapporo is reputed to be the best origin for food ingredients. No matter whether they are farm products or seafood, all of them are of very high quality. It is a must that you come and try the freshest food. The Nijo Market is very popular as it is located in the city center and is very close to the famous Tanuki Alley.

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It is rumoured that the market existed since the Meji era. Therefore it has over a hundred years of history. Today it is the best place for getting fresh seafood. The market is very well structured and you can just walk along it and try the different types of seafood such as Sea Urchin, Crab Leg, etc. It has become a popular tourist spot and the prices of the shop varies, so you should go and compare different shops before you make purchases.

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If you want to take it easy, you should just go to the different restaurants inside the market. For example, you can try the famous Nijo Food restaurant where you can enjoy grill scallop and sea urchin, as well as fresh crabs. Another famous restaurant is called the Oiso, where you can try the famous sushi and seafood rice bowl, as well as the crab legs and sea urchin there.

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Sapporo Nijo Market
Address: 3-1-2, Chuo-ku South, Sapporo-shi
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 19:00 Restaurants Street

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