Situated just 2 bridges from the Copenhagen city center, there is a autonomy area called Christiania where you can see a different Copenhagen and perhaps the dark side of Northern Europe.

You can reach there by taking subway to the Christianshavn station and then walk 5 - 10 minutes. Christiania occupies an area of 34 hectares and there are 1000 residents.

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Christiania used to be a military site. After the army has vacated the area, the original buildings were occupied by hippies and drug addicts and the people there told the public that they had their own legal system and policy.

Once you entered the area, you will see a big banner with the words "YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE EU" on top of the arch at the entrance. There are many graffities on the historical buildings, which created a special artistic sense for the area.

There are three rules for visiting the area:
1. Be happy
2. No photos
3. No running around

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If you walk to the center of Christiania you may see stalls selling drugs and you should be careful. Many people in the area are dressed stylishly in black shirt and black hats and at the same time there are lots of tourists walking around, creating a huge contrast between these 2 groups of people.

Address: Prinsessegade, 1422 København K


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