Situated in the town of Pisa, the Torre di Pisa is not only a designated historical monuments by the United Nations and it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. You can reach there from Florence by train in an hour.

When you reached the Piazza del Duomo, you can see the Torre di Pisa, Pisa Cathedral, Baptistery and and the graveyard. All these 4 places are part of the designated historical monuments in the world.

Torre di Pisa is situated behind the Pisa Cathedral. Its exterior is built with white marbles in renaissance style. One side of the tower is 55.86 feet above ground, and the other side is 56.67 feet above ground. Total weight is 14,500 tones.

The tower was originally built vertically but after the construction started, the part of the foundation has collapsed due to soften soil and therefore, it was slanted towards the east when the structure was finished in 1372.

The tower continued to slant and in 1990, it was slanted 5.5 degrees from vertical. Further improvement work was done between 1993 and 2001, and it is now slanted 3.97 degrees from vertical.

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You can access the Torre di Pisa, Pisa Cathedral, Baptistery and and the graveyard at the Piazza del Duomo by purchasing tickets. For Torre di Pisa, due to safety consideration, visitors can only go inside at designated time. Visitors under 8 years old cannot access and under 18 years old need to be accompanied by parents.

There are 251 steps to go to the top of Torre di Pisa and there is no elevator. Visitors can only reached to the top on foot. Apart from camera and cell phone, you can left other belongings to the service desk.

Apart from the Torre di Pisa, the Pisa Cathedral next to it is also very famous. Galileo observed the swing of the chandelier in this cathedral and discovered the law of isochronism of small swings. The dome shaped Baptistery is the largest of its kind in Italy.

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Torre di Pisa
Address: Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy


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